After the Korean War, there were many long term effects that were hard live through.

Korea is still two different countries. Korea is divided by the 38th parallel. 


Torn Families

Many families are still separated because of the war. After the war ended both sides built a large wall at the 38th parallel. The people on either sides couldn't go pass the wall. Families were torn because of the wall and the people guarding it. Even now families are on different sides and still thinking of the rest of them.

North Korea

The people in North Korea has to suffer because Communism. Communism makes a lot of limits for the people. Their freedom is very controlled so they don't have the freedom of press, religion, or speech. There are little food in the north; many people are starving in North Korea. And the shelter or homes in North Korea are not built well.

South Korea

South Korea is the other half of Korea. South Korea is still Non-Communist from after the war to even now. In South Korea there is more freedom than the north. Unlike North Korea the South has the freedom of speech, religion, and press. Not as much people are suffering in South Korea.