Many people died in the Korean War. About a million South Korean citizens and soldiers had been killed. Many were injured. North Korean soldiers weren't counted but there were many that had been killed. They were killed by fighting or they were escaping but someone killed them. Those who didn't die were seriously hurt.   


     Trudging on a shell-scarred road,
   columns of two,
   through swirls of dust
   in the early twilight hour;
   quilted rice paddies on either side,
   reaching out to brooding mountains.
   The hot summer wind
   blowing the incense
   of feeding rice shoots through
   our nostrils...we gag!   
We've come upon this place,
   in this valley of rice,
   where the dead lay red, withered;
   scattered about like autumn leaves
   blowing in the wind;
   poked by hunched shapes
   wailing like the lost souls
   of a netherworld...echoes in my brain.
   The leaves carried away,
   one by one.   
The sky in reddening hue,
   bringing the night down slowly.
   Our bodies baked by the hot sweat
   of a summer day.
   The leaves turning rancid,
   The aroma of shellburst and decay,
   pungent in the air.
   We walk quietly, with reluctant step,
   suppressed conscience,
   to another front,
   another this one.
  By:  John Kent

  Surreal is the night
  in shadows,
  even air dares not
  to follow,
  lest a sound stirs
  in the hollows,
  wakes the guns
  that seek
  to bring us down,
  before we find them.
  Ring of sweat
  upon the snow,
  glistening there
  at twenty below.
  Every hush of sound
  a blare,
  every muffled cough
  a scare.
  Thirteen men in single file,
  avoid the ground
  where mines defile;
  frozen in their winter sleep,
  one may wake
  beneath our feet. 

  By: John Kent